Dress Code & Lunchtime

We aim to make use of our fantastic outdoor learning gardens as much as possible, regardless of what the local weather may bring!  So that your child can enjoy this time, please ensure that they are dressed appropriately for each day, i.e.  coats on a wet or chilly day and sunhats and sun-cream applied on warm days. We provide full waterproofs and wellies at all times for all children. If your child comes into Pre-School in their own wellies, please include in their bag a pair of indoor shoes. As a general rule, play clothes that can cope with a bit of paint, mud and glue (and closed shoes to protect little toes) is certainly the way to go!

A Pre-School T-Shirt is available to purchase or we do have some second hand uniform items to buy so please speak to a member of the team. Each child should bring along a named bag to put on their peg each day containing the items listed below. We do always have spare clothes at Pre-School just in case. Should your child come home in Pre-School clothes, we ask that you please return them as soon as possible.

In order to take full advantage of the wide range of messy, sensory and outdoor experiences on offer, we ask that your child comes to Pre-School fully prepared for the day ahead. Please name ALL your child’s belongings as it does make it easier to return clothing and items to their rightful owners! Thank you.

They will need:

  • Play clothes: if your child doesn’t come home dirty, they haven’t had enough fun!
  • A bag of spare clothes: socks, top, jumper, trousers and pants (extra if toilet training)
  • Wipes, nappies, cream and nappy bags (if necessary)
  • A coat suitable for the current weather.
  • Suncream applied and with a sun hat on a hot, sunny day.
  • Gloves, hat and scarf on a cold day.
  • Shoes that cover their toes and that they can (at least try to) put on & take off themselves. (We change into wellies a lot and developing this independence is fab for their self esteem!)
  • A lunch box if they are with us for the afternoon session.

When packing a lunchbox for your little one, please pack one main lunch item – such as as a roll, sandwich, crackers or pasta pot. Please then pack one or two fruit or vegetable snacks and one yoghurt or cheese snack item. We then recommend that one small treat is sufficient for the under fives such as a biscuit OR a cake OR a packet of crisps. Water is available to all the children throughout the day in the named bottles that we provide, but if you wish to send in an additional drink in their lunchboxes then, of course, please do so.

ALLERGIES: Nuts, Eggs, Shellfish
Children should not bring into setting any foods containing nuts (this includes whole nuts and Nutella chocolate spread).
Children should not bring into setting any foods containing fresh egg (i.e. egg sandwiches or hard boiled eggs).
Children should not bring into setting any shellfish at all.

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