Pre-School Changes

As of December 2021 we are announcing the following:

  • Tess Engelbrecht has stepped down as Playleader so we wish her good luck for the future.
  • Kelly Clifford has taken on the role of Playleader after being with us for 12 years so we will all support her in this new position.
  • Nicola Jasper has also accepted the offer of Manager to help Kelly in her new job going forward after being at the setting for 5 years.

Your Pre-School Committee Needs You !

If you are interested in becoming a part of what makes Pre-School so successful then please get in touch with Tess, our Play Leader, who will be happy to tell you more about our fabulous Pre-School Committee and about our super special Staff Team.

There are various roles so there is something for everyone. Please do sign up. The more members we have the better as we believe that many hands make light work !!

Pancake Day Messy Play

In keeping with the theme of pancake day the children were really excited to use some of the ingredients to use their imagination and create their own; they even had ago at flipping them! We explored mixing, used picture cards, did lots of sharing and talked about our favourite pancake toppings. Messy play doesn’t appeal to everyone but those who wanted to try really enjoyed all the messy mixing!

Our thanks to Commitee member Lauren who helped to run this activity.

Fun with food